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WPA Section on

       Psychiatry in Developing Countries




Prof. M P Deva                                                                                  Dr Afzal Javed

Chairman of the Section                                                                Secretary of the Section                                                                                                                    



WPA Section  on Psychiatry in Developing Countries 

International Psychiatric Conference

16-18th February, 2007, Lahore- Pakistan



 “Improving mental health care in developing countries”



WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries announces its first International meeting being held at Lahore, Pakistan as a co-sponsored event with South Asian Forum on Mental Health, World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, South Asian Division of Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, Association of Federation of Psychiatric Associations & World Federation for Mental Health. The meeting will have a number of scientific sessions addressing the recent updates in the field of mental health. We are also planning to have workshops, teaching sessions and training seminars on 14th, 15th & 19th of February 2006 for the young doctors covering a wide range of topics in this important medical specialty.


It is expected that this meeting will be attended by a number of mental health professionals from developing as well developed countries from all over the world. There is also an encouraging response from Asian countries and we are also expecting delegates from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Bhutan, Malaysia, Brunei and Japan.


Our Section feels that this activity will emerge as a milestone in the promotion and development of mental health in the developing world. It is hoped that this meeting will also go a long way in establishing contacts among the professionals working in different countries that will of course help in promoting a cause for better mental health services at all levels of medical and social care.


We look forward welcoming you at this event.

Yours truly,


Prof. M.P. Deva, Chairman of Section,

Dr. Afzal Javed, Secretary of Section,

Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry, Secretary Conference,




Patrons of the meeting


Prof. Juan Mezzich President WPA

Prof. Mario Maj President Elect WPA

Prof. Miguel R Jorge Secretary WPA Sections

Prof. Pedro Ruiz Secretary Meetings WPA

Prof. Ahmad Okasha Immediate Past President WPA

Prof. Michael G. Madianos President Elect WAPR

Prof. Hamid Ghodse Director BIA, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

Prof. Shona Sturgeon (President WFMH)



Organising Committee


Prof. M. P. Deva  (Chairman)

Dr. Afzal Javed

Prof. Nalaka Mendis

Prof. R. N. Mohan

Prof. Russell D'Souza

Prof. S. Haroon Ahmad

Prof. I.A.K. Tareen

Prof. Abdul Malik Achakzai

Prof. Khalid Mufti

Prof. Haroon Rashid Chaudhry (Conference Secretary)





Scientific Committee


Prof.R.N. Mohan(UK)               Chairman

Dr. E Mohandas (India)

Dr. Afzal Javed (UK)

Prof. Russell D'Souza (Australia)   

Dr. Aftab Asif (Pakistan)

Dr. Saima Niaz (Pakistan

Prof. Bruce Singh (Australia)

Prof. Khalid Mufti (Pakistan)

Prof. Russell De'Souza (Australia)

Prof. Fareed Minhas (Pakistan)

Prof. Nasir Izhar (Pakistan)

Dr. Imran Haider  (Pakistan)


 International Advisory Committee



Prof. M T Abou-Saleh (UK)

Dr. Christopher A. Walsh (USA)

Prof. Hagop S. Akiskal (USA)

Prof. Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Japan)

Dr. Mansoor Ahmad (UK)

Prof. Numan Ali (Iraq)

Dr. Muhammad Ayub (UK)

Dr. Angelo Barbato (Italy)

Dr. J S Bamrah (UK)

Prof. Harald Aschaur (Austria)

Prof. Edgard Belfort (Venezuela)

Dr.N. Bohara (India)

Prof. George Christodoulou (Greece)

Prof. AKM Nizimuddowla Ch. (Bangladesh)

Prof. John Cox (UK)

Dr. Saji S Damodaran (Australia)

Prof. Tony Elliot (UK)

Prof. Rohan Ganguli (USA)

Dr. Harish Gadhvi (UK)

Prof. Jagmohan Gilhotra (Australia)

Prof. Martin Gittleman (USA)

Dr. Harischandara Gambheera (Sri Lanka)

Dr. A B Ghosh (India)

Prof. Hussain Habil (Malaysia)

Prof. Helen Herrman (Australia)

Prof. Mohan Isaac (Australia)

Dr. Arun Kumar Jha (UK)

Dr. Asaf Khan (UK)

Dr. A. K. Kala (India)

Prof. Roy Abraham Kallivayalil (India)

Prof. Levent Kuey (Turkey)

Dr. Arshad Mahmood Jan (UK)

Prof. M.S. Keshavan (USA)

Prof. T. Maniam (Malaysia)


Dr. S. Mital (India)

Dr. A.K. Mital (India)

Dr. E Mohandas (India)

Prof. Roger Montenegro (Argentina)

Dr. Naseer Loza (Egypt)

Prof. S.C. Malik (India)

Dr. Nazir Malik (Canada)

Dr. Jayan Mendis (Sri Lanka)

Prof. Mahendra Nepal (Nepal)

Dr. Syed Naqvi (USA)

Dr. T Okasha (Egypt)

Dr. Shahid Quraishi (UK)

Dr. Indla Rama Subba Reddy (India)

Prof. Arun V. Ravindran (Canada)

Dr. Ranadip Ranjan Ghosh Roy (India)

Prof. Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)

Dr. Avdesh Sharma (India)

Prof. N. Shinfuku (Japan)

Prof. Bruce Singh (Australia)

Prof. Swaran P. Singh (UK)

Dr. Pardeep Singhal (UK)

Prof. J. Srinivasoraghavan (USA)

Dr. B. Somasunderam (UK)

Prof. Thomas Stompe (Austria)

Prof. J.K.Trivedi (India)

Prof. Sam Tyano (Israel)

Prof. Allan Tasman (USA)

Prof. Pichet Udomratn (Thailand)

Prof. Vijoy Varma (USA)

Dr. H. N.Vidyasagar (UK)

Prof. M.A.Zahid ( Kuwait)

Prof. V.K. Varma (USA)

Prof. Christophe A. Walsh (USA)

Dr. Raymond Jint Way (Australia)





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Deadline for submission of abstracts                  September 30, 2006


Deadline for early Registration                             December 31, 2006



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Pearl Continental




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